Wizardry Daphne

Wizardry Daphne

SAVORING THE RISK -危険(リスク)を、味わえ-

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The portal of despair opens again.

The labyrinth, with its lure to destruction,
continues to entice warriors, 
and annihilate them.

Ye Traveler.
Revel in the endless dangers 
that close in,
relish the risk, devour the rewards.

-Wizardry Variants Daphne-
Savor the risk.




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Once every 100 years, the Abyss opens.

It is a curse of death that consumes
the continent. A Warlock who coveted
Death, devoured people and animals
and enveloped the world in despair.

For thousands of years the line of kings
has sealed the Abyss.

But now, the king has vanished,
and the world is being consumed by
death, moment by moment.

Resistance itself is meaningless.
There is naught but to perish.



  • MAGE






  • ELF





An unidentified girl that only you can see. Meeting her in the Abyss, travel together. She speaks frankly, but she is knowledgeable and dependable.


A tragic princess who lost her father, the king, to the Abyss. With the king missing, she is the sole heir to the throne and all eyes are upon her. But, having never been involved in politics, she is overwhelmed by the sudden succession.


Knight Commander of the Royal Knights. Of noble birth, he is said to be the strongest of the Royal Knights and is well-liked. He is a person of character who is humble and treats everyone with respect.


An elf who belongs to the Royal Knights by virtue of an ancient pact with the royal family. She may look young, but she is a fierce warrior who has lived for several hundred years. She likes to act in a free-spirited manner that overturns the image of the haughty elf.


A commander within the Royal Knights, he is something of an rebel. Although a nonconformist amongst the Knight, he is beloved by both friends and subordinates. While far from diligent, he has true skill, and the Knight Commander has taken a keen interest in him.


Experience 3D dungeon realism!

One of Wizardry Variants Daphne's key features is that it is played entirely in first-person. You will feel as if you have stepped into the Abyss yourself, experiencing the realism of monster attacks, various lurking dangers such as floor traps, and exploring the dungeon with other adventurers.

ABOUT Wizardry


A 3D dungeon-exploration RPG series released in the United States in 1981.
The highly immersive first-person 
view and breathtaking adventures 
captivated many users.
Maze exploration, party formation, 
and monster battles all had a 
major impact on later RPGs,
and it is often referred 
to as the origin of RPGs.
Many titles have been released to date, and even now, more than 40 years later,
it remains a timeless classic that boasts strong popularity around the world.

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Wizardry Daphne



TITLE Wizardry Variants Daphne
GENRE 3D Dungeon Exploration RPG
OS iOS/Android
PRICE Free (with some in-app purchases)


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Both fast and dexterous, they excel at getting ahead of their enemies or hindering their actions. They excel at finding and disarming traps set in Abysses and treasure chests, making the class indispensable for exploration.


Possessing great vitality, they have skills that improve their own defenses and protect their allies. Able to heal over time, they have a great ability to keep up the fight on their own. Skilled at maintaining a party's front line, this class can very reassuring to have in a long battle.


With outstanding strength and vitality, they can use a wide variety of weapons and armor. The class of choice for adventurers who boast of their strength, they serve well on the front lines as the party's attackers.


They specialize in attacking enemies with spells and weakening them. A good mage is the key to turning the tables when facing large numbers of enemies. Unable to carry heavy equipment and somewhat frail, they require support from the front lines.


A support class that specializes in recovering the health and restoring the condition of allies, as well as enhancing their abilities. They are indispensable lifelines that enhance a party's ability to continue fighting. Although they are normally rear guards, some are quite robust and can occasionally defend from the front.


The most populous and common race on the continent. Expanding from the fields where they toil, they build cities, and become prosperous. While their abilities may not stand out as much as other races, the abilities they do have are equable. As such, they have certain aptitude for various professions and can work in a wide range of fields.


A race graced with both beauty and intelligence. Deep within the mountain forests, they live as several clans. Though long-lived, they are not as resilient as other races. They are well-suited to being mages or priests, roles which allow them to leverage their intelligence. They value etiquette and discipline, though this can make them come across as haughty. They tend to be conservative in nature.


A race of high physical ability and dexterity. They have distinctive ears and tails. Being a relative minority, they have a history of being persecuted by other races as "unclean". Very athletic, they stand out for their nimbleness and agility. On the other hand, they are not complex thinkers, and often lack care and attention to detail. Free-spirited, they prefer live in the moment, and tend to prioritize fun over logic.


A physically robust race with a strong sense of duty. The caves in which they live are not easily noticed by other. They are stout, with muscular bodies and thick hair. They are more deeply religious than other races, though they are unlucky for some reason. Stubborn and powerful, their vitality makes them well-suited for fighters and priests. They often have hearty personalities and hold their drink well. Being deft of hand, blacksmithing is a popular profession among dwarves.